The Quebec Institute of Synergology is led by two authorities in non-verbal communication.

Formateur Philippe

Philippe Turchet proposes in 1994 the term “synergology”, at the crossroads of language sciences and neurosciences.  The discipline is now present in the field of communication, whose object is the body language. Doctor of Sciences of the Language (Paris X, Nanterre), he has trained all the synergologists you see in the medias. He is known internationally for his works relating to body language, translated in about fifteen languages and present on all continents. He is the author of the best-sellers “La Synergologie”, “Les codes inconscients de la séduction”, and “Pourquoi les hommes marchent-ils à la gauche des femmes ?”. More recently, he wrote “Le langage universel du corps – Comprendre l’être humain à travers la gestuelle”, the most advanced book ever written in Synergology.  With the help of his growing team, Philippe keeps working on achieving better communication through synergology, to both improve the quality of our relationships and to propose tools of observation for our society in a relentless search of self-comprehension.

Christine Gagnon


Christine Gagnon is an international expert in nonverbal communication. She has taught for more than 10 years the best synergology techniques in the fields of negotiation, intervention, safety and law. Her assignments led her to work with the Quebec Bar Association, the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency in Ottawa, the Canadian Armed Forces, a number of agencies of health and the social services, as well as several departments and agencies. She co-wrote the book “To catch a lie”, which gives important tools in the detection of lies and is licenced in interrogation by  Institute of Analytic Interviewing of California. In the last years, she has become a go-to person for the medias, thanks to her expertise in synergology.  She is truly giving a voice to the nonverbal language.  Opened minded and curious, she constantly refines her knowledge in order to bring synergology to the next level.  Christine is always amazed at the value of body language in everyday life and is hard at work studying the cultural differences of nonverbal cues.  Adapting to a situation always starts with the best possible observation.


Luce richard


Luce Richard is the first person you will be in touch with when contacting the Institute. She will answer to all your questions relating to the program.  She is also   the former president of the Quebec Association of Synergology, of which you will have to be a member once you become a synergologist.  Seasoned businesswoman, she owned and operated several companies throughout her career.  Synergologist since  2007, she initially worked for Cabinet Conseil Christine Gagnon. In addition to her role as the GM at the Institute, she is also part of the team of instructors.

julie salvador

Julie Salvador is an instructor and leads the coordination of academic program of the Institute.   Vocal coach and professional singer-songwriter, she studied with the Studios Alice Dona of Paris and at the Martenot Institute of Rennes in France. Synergologist since 2014, Julie impressed the jury when she presented her research paper and its conclusions on the vocal expression in the universal dimension of the communication.   Since then, the vocal movement module has been integrated into the official academic program. She teaches it, along with several other modules synergology.



Nathalie Paré, synergologist since 2014, is the person behind all the social media and web for the Institute. Whenever you are one the IQS Website, the AQS Website, or when you see articles or videos on Social Media concerning body language, chances are, she is behind it.  She has created all the digital platforms in order to connect Synergology with the world and help them learn about the discipline. Social Medias are a must to promote synergology, to make it more accessible, but also in order to exert a certain control over the use of the word synergology. In addition to the management of all the Web sites connected to the IQS and the AQS, Nathalie occupies other functions such as mentor of European students and president of the association (AQS).


Francis Maisonneuve is our creator of teaching aids supporting the training of the students with the IQS. He spearheaded the creation of the interactive tool Turningpoint, where the students vote via a remote control on questions relating to synergology.  The results are transmitted in real time and anonymously on the screen, giving the instructors a sense of how well the material learned has been assimilated.  Easy, fun and anonymous, the students feel comfortable answering the questions and without the fear of being wrong.  Synergologist since 2014, he is a full member of the team of instructors at the IQS. He also teaches the techniques of video editing as well as ethics in exercising the discipline.  Francis has also graduated in psychology from the University of Montreal.