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The word “synergology” was formed from the prefixes sun (to be together), ergo (active), logos (speech).

Synergology is a discipline whose objective is to better decipher the functioning of the human mind from its body language, in order to offer the most appropriate communication. Synergology, or gesture language, is a multidisciplinary field at the crossroads of neuroscience and communication science.

From the point of view of the Synergologist, the brain and the body are a single entity, which constitutes the human being.

To decode the body is to decode the brain, to observe the body acting is to observe the mind in motion. From this observation, the synergological project was born, constituting the discipline.

The objective is ambitious but the possibilities of observation are limitless. In fact the only limit lies in the capacity of the human mind to describe itself in operation, the capacity of the human mind to conceive itself.

The object of synergology is body language. This object of study has a number of advantages compared to other scientific objects in the humanities. It exists outside of any construction. He’s walking down the street! It does not oblige to establish pre-requisites as we could have to do with a total social fact, like the gift for example in anthropology or the identity of the psyche for example in psychology.